It's really very easy.  After you do one, you will be hooked!!  

First, the dreaded "you must register". 

As all auction and other online sites including ebay and others, you must register.

Go to our auction site, ,

this list our current and past auctions.  Scroll down to the Auction you are interested in and click, "Register to Bid". 

Scroll past the email and password fields (you will use them after you are registered) and click, "NEW BIDDER? CLICK HERE". 

You must complete the Credit Card info to prove you are real and not an auction scammer.  It will place a $1 transaction on hold for about five days then it will disappear.  Your credit card WILL NOT be charged.  Now simply fill out the information.  Once this is complete, you will not have to confirm your info again for 180 days.  If you prefer to pay cash or use a different credit card at pick up you must let us know by making a "Note to Auctioneer" when you register.  

If you have any questions let us know, you can call me direct on my cell phone anytime 248-987-0030